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Content That Magnetizes™

Mini Course

Leave the content creation hamster wheel and learn to begin creating magnetic content that drives Shopify notifications....NOT just likes and follows


What if your struggles with content were gone?…

Does this sound like you?

> You struggle with creating content in fact you wish you could avoid it at all costs because you just feel that no matter how hard you try, it’s just not your cup of tea.

>You never know what to post, when, and how in a way that actually prompts people to buy as opposed to liking, following, and even commenting.

> You’ve purchased all the templates and content calendars in the world and you just can’t seem to crack the content code.

> Hired social media managers and content creators and they just aren’t working to capture the true essence of your brand in a way that is getting the results you’re looking for.

> You desire to have a system that allows you to easily create content in less time without guessing.

> You want to sharpen your content creation skillset and learn how to create magnetizing content that draws your audience in with ease.

Let’s be real for a second..

Content calendars, AI, and templates ONLY work if you have the background and understanding of  content & messaging in your business..


Hiring social media managers may solve some of the problem, but if they don’t have a true blueprint and if you don’t set the tone of content in your brand… They can’t model great compelling content that’s true and in alignment with your brand and who you are..


It does not solve the deep rooted problem you’re having with creating content that converts

Inside of Content That Magnetizes™ Mini Course you’ll walk away with a strategy and process that will walk you through exactly how to create content that gets you out of the friend zone, but generates action and attracts BUYERS


> Create a process that will allow you to create & recycle content in a fraction of the time so that you never have to worry what to post.

> Learn the psychology behind content and why content calendars and templates haven’t worked because you’re missing key fundamental elements.

>Learn how to create content that DRIVES SALES and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS at the same time so that you no longer feel like you’re being friend-zoned by potential customers.

> Learn the psychology behind content and why content calendars and templates haven’t worked because you’re missing key fundamental elements.

> Understand the fundamental elements that must be in all of your content with the use of consumer behavior and buyer psychology.

> Learn what’s been missing in your current content and why it hasn’t converted for you before.

Bottom line..

I don’t believe in cookie cutter techniques and while it may be more difficult and it won’t be as easy as copy and paste type information..


I won’t give you a bunch of templates or content calendars and tell you that it will solve all of your problems..


I’d much rather you actually learn a new skillset that’s actually effective because you fully understand just how it works and why it works..


I am going to give you a framework that you can use time and time again and have a foundational skillset of creating content for your brand..


What’s the point of creating content if no one is buying?


What’s the point of spending all of your time creating cute, but not going to get you paid content?

This is why you need access to Content That Magnetizes™ Mini Course!
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Total Value = $997

Today's Investment= $37

This content is so magnetizing it has allowed many of my clients with small micro audiences to sell out of inventory without..

X paid ads..


X huge audiences..


X Huge email lists..


X 10K followers..


X Begging family & friends


X Desperate content that scares people away


X Influencers

What she said..

Like Terrina who completely sold out of her inventory multiple times with less than 100 followers on instagram and NO list, no paid ads…


Just magnetizing content that converts..


She even started getting people who she didn’t even know placing orders thousands of miles away from her home..

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Who is this for?

> Beauty brand owners who would like to learn a better system for creating & recycling content with ease.

> you have integrity and pride yourself on offering quality products and actually care about getting your customers results.


> You have a very clear understanding as to who your target audience & niche is and you understand their pain & pleasure points.


> Your goal is to stand out in a saturated market by creating content that drives sales and creates demand for your products.


> You’re willing to be consistent and continue to implement and sharpen the skillset it takes to make compelling content.

This is NOT for you if..?

> Your main focus is creating content for the purposes of going viral and you’re not seeking a long term strategy.

> You aren’t interested in learning a real skillset and you’d rather take the easy way out and just get another template or content calendar.

> You aren’t open minded and willing to be consistent to keep implementing and sharpening the skillset it takes to learn to create compelling content.

> You expect overnight results.

> You expect to yield high revenue and ROI (return on investment) with little effort.

Four Power-Packed Lessons Complete with Resources to start creating magnetizing content that not only sells, but builds long term relationships with your audience today.

Lesson 1:

The Secret Psychology Behind Creating Converting Content

Learn real psychological and consumer behavior concepts that helps you learn and understand how to drive behavior AKA the sales, the coin, in your content and why it works so that no matter what trendy things come in go in the marketplace you can pivot and still create content that sells

Lesson 3:

The Magnetizing Content Writing Framework

You won’t just receive another template.. You’ll learn the foundational content creation/writing frameworks that show you the basis for any form of content on any type of medium so that you never have to wonder if you’re capturing the important and critical elements by having a solid framework that is proven and works time and time again by leading your potential customers to take a specific action

Lesson 2:

The Ultimate Time Saving Content Planning Strategy

Saving time on creating, planning, and organizing content so that you build an efficient process with ease which not only saves you time, but can be used time and time again and still remain powerful and effective to your audience

Lesson 4:

The 4 Key Areas To Learn To Dominate Content Creation

Learn the 4 areas you need to master content in (besides social media) in order to successfully convert customers across the board in your business by using a 360 content creation approach so that you can rest assured that you are covering your basis with your online content marketing strategy.



Here’s what you’ll get access to inside of Content That Magnetizes™ Mini Course:
But wait.. There’s BONUSES if you get access today!
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Bonus #1: Content Creation Matrix Tool $497 Value.

Use this matrix and plan a month’s worth of content in 30 minutes!


This Matrix ensures that you cover all of your bases and that you address any and all objections a potential customer has about buying from you while breaking down those barriers all in your content to drive sales


The good thing is you can use this over and over again month after month

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Bonus #2:Marketing 101 and The Strategy That Works in 2023 and Beyond.

We’re often told outdated marketing & content strategies that no longer work..


Learn about what’s working in marketing in 2023 & beyond and the overall strategy that elevates your brand NOW and what you need do to ensure you’re implementing this in your business to stay innovative and top of mind in your customers’ minds

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Total Value = $997

Today's Price= $37

I’m Fatima Barnes
I help driven beauty brand owners change the DNA of their brands to elevate and position their business as a premium or luxe brand that consistently attracts ready to buy premium shoppers every day while utilizing strategies that allow them to gain more time and freedom doing more of the things they love.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped over 550+ business in over 30+ industries (including beauty) generate over 5.9 million dollars in additional revenue. I grew my own online beauty brand to six figures before deciding to walk away and help other dedicated business owners outside the corporate sector implement high level techniques to build brands that can rival and essentially eliminate their competition to stand out online.


I’m a wife, mom to a son, dog mom—HBCU college graduate who has been able to overcome all odds by playing big, taking risks, and creating & implementing high level business strategies for myself and the women I serve.

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