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Beauty Boss Elite Brand Elevation

A 6 Month Private Mentorship & Coaching Experience

For Online Beauty Brands Who Wants to Go From Inconsistent Revenue and Cash-flow to Consistently Attracting 1-4 Premium Shoppers Every Day in less than 3 Hours A Day

Enrollment Officially Opens June 23, 2023

Does this Sound Like You?

You have amazing products that work and give amazing results for your customers and yet you feel like you have a hard time getting others to see your brand without looking and sounding like every other beauty brand.

Even though you know you have an amazing brand, you often spend a lot of time feeling as if you have to convince people to see the value of your product offerings.

You have a big vision for your brand and you KNOW you’re meant to be just as big as the top brands in your space—but you can’t seem to figure out how to connect the dots and position your brand in a way that sales consistently and effortlessly.

You’re spending a lot of time applying the marketing techniques you’ve been taught but you notice you spend too much of your time trying to get noticed and build your audience on social media, hiring influencers, and attending pop ups and you feel like there’s got to be a better way to generate repeat & consistent revenue.

You’ve tried working with mentors and/or coaches in the past, but you’re truly craving high-level mentorship & strategy in which you are individually guided step by step so that you can build a brand that embodies the bad ass you are without cookie-cutter one size fits all strategies.

What You Need Is Actually Simple:

A strategy that elevates your brand in a way that attracts your ideal customers like a moth to a flame like clockwork every single day

Like These Clients:

" Being with the Ambition Academy has been tremendously helpful. I have learned how to tear down the systems in my business the didn't work!"

" Never have I ever seen a program out there that really gives you actionable strategies and steps like ABC and 123"

" It was exactly what i needed to build a foundation for my business. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that was in the same boat as i was."


The “SHERO” Brand Facelift Framework™

Giving your brand a much-needed facelift and making you the SHERO to the tribe that’s been waiting on you

Establish Your Beyonce Persona™

Elevate Your Position

Elevate your beauty brand to the top of the game and position yourself as the Queen Bey of your niche. Discover and showcase what sets you apart from the competition, attract premium shoppers with ease (even with premium pricing 😉), and become the ultimate go-to brand to solve their unique problems. Get ready to dominate your space and leave your competitors in the dust!

Part 2: Become The Tribe Magnet™

Elevate Your Messaging & Content Strategy

Elevate your messaging and content strategy to a whole new level with magnetic messaging that effortlessly attracts your aligned tribe to your brand. Picture your brand as a magnet, attracting customers like hot cakes or even better, like moths to a flame. Say goodbye to the hamster wheel of endless content creation that leads to nowhere. Instead, learn to create messages that resonate with your ideal customers and have them reaching out to you, begging to get their hands on your products. Get ready to experience the power of magnetic messaging and watch as your brand becomes an unstoppable force in the industry.​

Implement The “Unforgettable” Marketing System™

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Elevate your marketing game with cutting-edge techniques and systems that position your brand as the "unforgettable" and "everywhere" go-to for your tribe and audience. Say goodbye to outdated tactics that require endless time and effort, and hello to a successful online marketing strategy that reaches thousands of ideal customers in just 3 hours or less per day. No more worrying if the right people are seeing your amazing products - you'll be front and center in front of your perfect audience 24/7, even if you don't have a massive following. Get out of the hustle and make your brand a force to be reckoned with.

Because I know that about you, I know that it means that you are able to clearly stand out in the “saturated” online beauty industry as a TOP DAWG and people immediately know what makes you different..


Not to mention, you’re able to even upgrade the type of shoppers you attract by serving more people who are in alignment with your brand… people you don’t have to fight and fight to get buying from you


You want people to flock to your products because let’s just face it, you have products that’s better than half the stuff out there on the market.. and it WORKS for your customers…


You want to learn how to attract those ready to spend the coin, the “Girl this is exactly what I’ve been looking for”, “where is the link”, “let me grab my purse” shoppers—- all through the content you create effortlessly


You want to elevate your marketing systems and processes so that you don’t have to guess if they see you because “they see you”… You simply want to eliminate the guessing as to if your marketing strategy is getting the right eyes on your products… without you having to spend all of your time posting and posting all day everyday on social media trying to make it happen…

You are looking to Elevate Your Brand

and Start Playing at the TOP Level.

You want:

The type of customers who doesn’t mind paying premium prices because they value more than price..


The type of customer who comes back time and time again and even tell their friends about you…


The type of customer who you don’t have to convince and fight tooth and nail to buy from you…


Those type of customers…


This is exactly what I help my clients do by positioning their brand as premium to attract premium shoppers just like this, on the regular…


You’re ready to hear that “Cha-Ching” Shopify Notification popping up while you’re at brunch with the girls, at Disney with your kids, or better yet, while you’re sleeping at night…

You’re ready to hear that “Cha-Ching” Shopify Notification popping up while you’re at brunch with the girls, at Disney with your kids, or better yet, while you’re sleeping at night…


Like These Clients:


So here’s the full breakdown of what we will work on together

Elevate Your Positioning:

At the core of our approach is a focus on establishing a rock-solid foundation for your brand. We dive deep into your unique positioning and craft a strategy that sets you apart from the competition. But it's not just about external factors. We also take a holistic approach by working from the inside out to transform your brand from the ground up. This means we help you align your values, mission, and vision with your branding, creating a truly authentic and premium brand experience. 


The result: You'll have a clear and unique positioning in the marketplace, positioning you as the go-to brand in your industry. With a rock solid foundation and long-term sustainability, you won't need to rely on short-term tactics that only offer temporary results. Instead, you'll have a brand that embodies your values and speaks directly to your ideal audience, giving you the confidence to thrive for years to come 

Elevate Your Branding:

Once you've solidified the foundation of your brand, we'll move on to elevating your brand's visual identity to reflect the premium qulaity that you offer. You'll be paired with one of our top branding strategists, who has experience working with million-dollar brands, to ensure that your website, logos, packaging, and other branding materials are of the highest quality and meet luxury and/or premium standards. If any redesigns are necessary, we'll create a customized plan to bring your vision to life. 


The result: Your brand will embody a cohesive and premium look that perfectly aligns with the work you've done on te inside. With hig-quality images and branding materials you'll position yourself as a top brand in your industry. By working with us, you'll walk away with a fully customized rebrand that reflects your unique brand essence. 

Elevate Your Messaging & Content Strategy:

We guide you through the process of mastering your message and creating a content strategy that will attract the right people to your brand. Without the puzzle, everything else will fall flat. Our team will work with you to develop a deep understanding of how to create effective content and use the right psychological language in your messaging that drives sales, not just empty likes and followers. 

Result: You will learn how to craft a compelling message that inspires action and builds meaningful relationships, leading to effortless sales and a more loyal customer base. Say goodby e to the frustration of trying to convince people to buy from you and hello to a more effective and streamlined sales process. 

Elevate Your Marketing System:

Say goodbye to old and ineffective marketing methods that leave you wasting time and money. We understand that what worked in the past may not be effective today. That's why we teach a cutting-edge marketing approach that will help you reach your target audience  24/7 and grow your business. We craft a tailored marketing plan that aligns with your goals and vision.  

Result: You’ll have a clear understanding of how to reach your ideal customers and grow your business using modern marketing strategies. You'll be equipped with a powerful marketing plan that not only saves you time and money, but also positions you as a leader in your industry. Get ready to see your business grow and thrive like never before. 

Full of fluffy information that you’ll be left to try and figure out how to implement on your own and try and coach yourself.

Another course in which you don’t get any additional support from the instructor or the team.

Stuck in a large group program and feeling like just another number out of 1000.

A coach that will lie to you and tell you that you can go from 0 to 10K overnight.

A program in which you will leave the same condition in which you started (as long as you do the work).

Cookie cutter techniques that are “one size” fits all that may not fit your individual business needs.

You won't be just another number on my list. I'm here to hold you accountable and take you to the next level of transformation. You'll know me and see me in action, no excuses.

What this experience is NOT going to be


Working with me won’t be for you if:

You are not interested in rolling up your sleeves dedicating your time to do the work

You expect overnight results an unrealistic timelines and expectations

You want to be coddled or need your hand held to get you to do the work expected of you

You have major mindset issues that causes you to self-sabotage regularly and you give up easy

You don’t have the desire to be a premium brand that will be a top contender in the beauty space and you’re content with being basic (which you are NOT)

You’re not open to feedback, change, and being innovative

You don’t trust me or my team’s expertise

You aren’t willing to follow a proven process and you just want to stay stuck still doing things your way.

You’re brand new to business and have never owned a business at all before (this may be a little too advanced for you)

Now, if you’re still here at this point…

Let’s get into what you’ll get inside the Beauty Boss Elite Elevation 6 Month Private Mentorship:

90-minute Bi-Weekly 1:1 Strategy & Implementation Sessions

Complete sessions with just you and I to discuss strategy, implementation, and accountability. Get direct feedback and coaching with me so that you stay consistent and move forward. This will ensure that you’re always on track and you’re implementing the processes correctly to eliminate and overcome any roadblocks and obstacles you face on your journey

Access to a Training Portal with my Proprietary Framework & Curriculum

You’ll get immediate access for 1 year to my SHERO Brand Facelift methodology and material with 11 modules of action taking steps that lay out the foundations in A, B, C, 123 formats. You’ll get exclusive content, resources, and materials only available to you so that you can take the right and intentional action toward transforming your brand.

Client ONLY email support

Get access to an email ONLY for my clients in which you can get dedicated support from myself and my team so that you know that a team that cares is there to aid you should you feel stuck

Voxer Support

Get quick feedback and access to me if you’re ever stuck or just need a word of encouragement along your journey so that you never feel alone

Access to Expert Masterclasses

Get access to expert masterclasses in other areas of business that provide key business services so that you’re a well-rounded business owner and set up for long-term success

Exclusive & Direct Content & Asset Review Feedback

Submit your content, launching materials, emails, or any other asset you have to get direct feedback to ensure you’re on the right track so that you’ll never have to guess if you’re on the right track

Customized Branding Services

Get customized branding collateral and revamps including a new website, logo, product label designs, and more based on your individual business branding needs by working with a branding strategist that specializes in premium and luxury designs so that not only does your brand embody what it takes to be a premium brand, but also LOOKS like a million dollar brand on the outside

What the Squad Said!

Still have questions?


I know you’re ready for major transformation

You want to work closely with someone and receive an elevated & customized premium mentorship experience


You don’t feel that another course or even group program will do for you at this point in your journey


You want to feel listened too and heard

This is why Elite Brand Elevation Private Mentorship is the way to go for you

Let's Get Started!

Choose the Plan That Works The Best For You


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4 Easy Payments




With approval Learn Now. Pay Later and split in up to 12 INTEREST FREE payments using our partner


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