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Helping Beauty Brand Owners Elevate Their Brands

Attract and Retain Ready-to-Buy Shoppers Online In Less than 3 Hours A Day


Using Proven Magnetic Branding & Marketing Strategies

Consistently Attract 1-4 Premium Shoppers To Your Beauty Products Every Single Day

Discover your Marketing IQ in just 5 mins! Take the Online Quiz

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Hey Girl, I see you

You are made for more and you know it

 You’re about that action and you don’t play about your business

 You have the BEST products chosen & crafted with intention.


Your products are getting amazing results for your customers


You know deep down that your beauty products are meant to transform and impact the lives of so many more people within your aligned tribe if only you could just get MORE visibility and recognition that you deserve for the work you put in day after day…

If only you weren’t the world’s


Let’s be real…

With all the work you’re doing CONSTANTLY to promote your products and build your brand, you’re ready to stop the hustle and rat race of:

Posting like crazy every day on social media

Paying for promo with influencers that may or may not yield results

Wasting Time going to every pop up shop around

Getting a new website and logo every other 6 months 

Attempting to run ads that haven’t worked or yielded the results you're looking for

Discounting your quality products to attract more people (which attracts the wrong people who don’t value your brand and craft)


Spending countless hours being a content creator (which you didn’t sign up for when you started a business) instead of embodying the CEO role of your business.

You can’t help but feel like your brand is drowning in a sea of beauty brands. 


All you need is someone to connect the dots that lead you to the top... Well.. You’ve made it to the right place…


Are You ready to:


 - Dominate the beauty industry and/or position your business as a premium or luxe brand?


- Attract more of your ideal customers with magnetic marketing strategies that make your brand stand out online?


-Generate consistent revenue and reclaim your time to focus on the things you love?

Then partnering with CEO Charm School is exactly what you're looking for and you're in the right place

Cutting Straight To The Chase

Here’s How We Do it

Giving your brand a much-needed facelift and making you the SHERO to the tribe that’s been waiting on you.


Part 1: Establish Your Beyonce Persona™

Elevate Your Position

Elevate your beauty brand to the top of the game and position yourself as the Queen Bey of your niche. Discover and showcase what sets you apart from the competition, attract premium shoppers with ease (even with premium pricing 😉), and become the ultimate go-to brand to solve their unique problems. Get ready to dominate your space and leave your competitors in the dust!

Part 2: Become The Tribe Magnet™

Elevate Your Messaging & Content Strategy

Elevate your messaging and content strategy to a whole new level with magnetic messaging that effortlessly attracts your aligned tribe to your brand. Picture your brand as a magnet, attracting customers like hot cakes or even better, like moths to a flame. Say goodbye to the hamster wheel of endless content creation that leads to nowhere. Instead, learn to create messages that resonate with your ideal customers and have them reaching out to you, begging to get their hands on your products. Get ready to experience the power of magnetic messaging and watch as your brand becomes an unstoppable force in the industry.

Part 3: Implement The “Unforgettable” Marketing System™

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Elevate your marketing game with cutting-edge techniques and systems that position your brand as the "unforgettable" and "everywhere" go-to for your tribe and audience. Say goodbye to outdated tactics that require endless time and effort, and hello to a successful online marketing strategy that reaches thousands of ideal customers in just 3 hours or less per day. No more worrying if the right people are seeing your amazing products - you'll be front and center in front of your perfect audience 24/7, even if you don't have a massive following. Get out of the hustle and make your brand a force to be reckoned with.

Hey Girl Heyyyy…
I’m Fatima Barnes

Business Strategist & Coach

I'm not your average business coach. I am a business strategist, marketing maven, and time management ninja all wrapped up into one. My mission is to help ambitious beauty brand owners like you rewrite the script of your business DNA and catapult your brand to the top of your industry, eliminating your competition! 


With over 10 years of experience in the game, I’ve helped more than 550 business owners and corporations across 30+ industries generate over 5.9 million dollars in additional revenue. I'm not just talking the talk- I've walked the walk, growing my own online beauty brand to six figures before walking away to help other entrepreneurs achieve their wildest dreams.

As a wife, mom to a son, and dog mom, I know firsthand the importance of balancing business and life. That's why my strategies are designed to help you gain more time and freedom to do the things you love. I'm an HBCU college graduate who has overcome all odds by taking risks, playing big, and creating and implementing high-level business strategies for myself and the women I serve. 

What our clients had to say!
Need Some Help From Me?

I’ll keep it real, good help is hard to find these days and looking for the right fit and right program can really be even more difficult in a space where everyone claims to have the answer and be an expert.

Chances are you’ve been down that road before, but something has been missing. The dots haven’t fully connected. That’s where I come in… If you want to see how I can help you begin elevating your brand to its fullest potential, I’d love to help and if it’s a perfect match let’s work.

Unlocking The Power Of Premium: How To Consistently Attract High-End Ready-To-Buy Shoppers To Your Beauty Products, No matter your audience size

In this complimentary mini-course, we will explore how you can begin to consistently draw in the perfect customers for your business daily, without having to exhaust yourself doing all the tedious tasks using our SHERO Brand Facelift™ Framework.

Note: These strategies work best for online product-based beauty and/or wellness brands interested in elevating their brands to grow and scale online. This is NOT for any MLM Brands (ex. Mary Kay, Avon, Rodan & Fields) and/or Service Based Beauty Pros that aren’t interested in expanding their business by learning to effectively elevate the sales of their existing beauty products online.

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