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Frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions, Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer any in person services?
    Yes, if you’re in the local area or close enough to travel, we are happy to accommodate you for in person assistance. We highly recommend that those who opt to participate in one of our VIP Days, choose to join us in person for a better experience.
  • Does everyone have to apply to work with you in one of your service options/ programs?
    To ensure that you are aligned and that we are truly a good fit to work with you in the right capacity, we do prescreen all candidates for our programs with the exception of our self-paced courses and/or workshops. This is to maximize your results and ensure that we don’t waste any time on both ends. We also want to make sure that even if you’re a right fit for working with us that we guide you on the best services for your current situation. We only want to work with brand owners who are dedicated, driven, and READY to take action on Day 1.
  • Do you work with brand new companies and/or business owners?
    If you are extremely brand new to business completely without any prior experience at all running a business, most of my services and program would be a little advanced for you. This could slow up the process and therefore for most new business owners, may not be able to keep up with the curriculum efficiently. However, I’d still encourage you to apply if you have experience owning a business in a different industry as we’ve seen brand new beauty brands dive right in and be successful based on a strong work ethic and a highly motivated attitude.
  • How would I know if I’m not a good fit for your services?
    If you need a lot of motivation, struggle to self-start, require a lot of mindset work outside of the scope of what I can ethically provide. If you need a lot of hand holding, we will NOT be a good fit. We also will NOT work with anyone who is operating out of desperation and expecting quick financial returns, not open to the process of change, lack of dedication to your business, and have a negative mentality/mindset. We provide a lot of support to our clients and work closely to ensure that you’re implementing the information correctly and provide a space for accountability, however, we will NOT coddle or babysit anyone. It’s best if you’re already highly motivated and a self starter ready to do the work. We will however, give you some insight as to what you can do to qualify in the future to work with us as we understand things can change and we hope they do.
  • What if I don’t have beauty products, will this work?
    We can work with most product-based businesses with the exception of lingerie, adult toys/ products, or products that aren’t deemed safe and can cause harm to others. Other than that, we can pretty much work with any product i.e. candles, supplements, spiritual items, accessories, etc. We will make sure upon reviewing your application to determine if your products are a good fit. We do not work with any MLM products such as Avon, Mary Kay, Paparazzi, Rodan Fields etc. and our services would not be in alignment.
  • Will your services work if I own an online clothing or clothing accessory business?
    Our overall process and strategy can work for you. However, you’d already need to have a solid process nailed down for taking quality photos of your clothing and accessories and willing to invest in those photos regularly to update your imaging. We will NOT work with someone who only uses stock images or images used from other boutiques with the same or similar products. Upon reviewing your application we can determine if your current process and photos would be a good fit.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, we do offer payment plans for all of our services. Payments can be split in up to 3 payments. You may be approved for extended payment terms as we are partnered with Wizebank to learn now and pay later. Wizebank is able to break payments in up to 12 monthly payments depending on approval terms. Wizebank is very similar to Klarna or Afterpay, but for courses that are over $1000.
  • Do you offer any guarantees?
    While we do include limited terms regarding guarantees in our agreements depending on the service you choose, each person’s results are totally dependent on the work they do as an individual. I can not guarantee someone’s level of commitment and implementation. However, I can confidently say those that follow the process, remain dedicated, actively participate, and utilize the support we provide, will always see amazing results as they are following a proven process that has worked time and time again. Additionally, our motto in CEO Charm School is, “I do not expect results from the work I don’t do” you are totally responsible for your performance. The results you see from my past clients are a representative of the work ethic and implementation of the individuals who effectively follow the process; therefore specific results cannot be promised or guaranteed.
  • What if I work with you and want to continue on with more time and additional support; is that option available?
    Yes, we do have an alumni membership option ONLY available to clients who have completed one of our services/programs. There are also other individual extension options that we discuss upon your exit to make sure we come up with the best option for continuing to work with us.
  • Can I just book one individual hourly session with you without doing a full program?
    At this time, this option is not available. Most people would NOT get what they need in a single session without prior curriculum. While, I’d like to think I”m amazing and you can experience a breakthrough in a single session. Doing a single one off session for someone not enrolled into the full experience of any of my programs, would be a total disservice as it wouldn’t be enough to receive the FULL TRANSFORMATION, most people would need to get to where they need to go. I’d suggest being on the lookout for workshops with Q&A etc. to take advantage of one off help and implementation.
  • What’s a Business Strategist and how is that different from a coach?
    I am a business strategist and coach. This means as a strategist, I can provide a bird’s eye viewpoint from an overall strategy standpoint. This is where I can diagnose your business. Show you what’s not working (and what is). Then, I dig into your individual goals, into learning who you are, and what your needs are. I’m able to help you layer YOU + YOUR business goals and give you a step by step plan. On the coaching end, a coach is primarily a support function, helping you discover yourself, pull out the answers you already have within. I operate on both ends, however, primarily on the strategist side as I do not want any clients building cookie cutter businesses and what may work for you, may not work for someone else. Your feedback may need to be more customized in order to make it work for you. Either way, I’m empowering you to make healthy business decisions and learn how to think deeper so that long after you leave my programs, you’re set up for long term success.
  • How soon can I get started in your programs, is there a waiting period?
    You are able to begin immediately and get immediate access upon making your first payment once accepted and your application has been approved. There’s no waiting period and onboarding happens right after you sign your client agreement.
  • What’s the process for applying to one of your programs?
    The first step is filling out an application. We will review your application within 48 hours and provide a response to you on the next steps. If your application is approved, we’ll notify you and send you the link to check out, set up your payment terms, and get started. If your application is conditionally approved, this means we’d need a little more clarification or information from you before approval can be solidified. We will then send you a link to schedule an enrollment call and ensure that you are the right fit and receive clarification. If it’s just a single question we need additional clarification but not necessarily a full call, we’ll email you asking for clarification. We’ll notify you of our decision immediately upon receiving clarification If your application is denied, we’ll notify you via email and provide you insight as to why your application has been denied and some things you can work on for future approvals. Applicant’s can reapply after 90 days of denial and receive reconsideration
  • It seems like your programs require a lot of technology and I’m not really a tech savvy person..how does that work?
    We make this so easy on our clients because we only share with you the tech you actually need to use in your business on a regular basis and when it comes to setting up systems and processes, we provide you the step by step walk through tutorials as to how to work with technology. Unfortunately, we’re in a technology-driven society and in business, it’s important to learn how to use and work with technology in order to be successful.
  • Why does some of your material mention The Ambition Academy as opposed to CEO Charm School?
    Our company was established in 2020 as The Ambition Academy. Effective March 2023, we've undergone an official name change to CEO Charm School. While our name has changed, we're still offering the amazing services and experiences we've been providing since we've established ourself as a force in the industry to helping brands elevate.
  • If I can’t make the live calls in Beauty Boss Accelerator 2.0, will you send replay?
    While I’ll ask that you make attending live calls a priority for you, if you are unable to attend for any reason, you can submit a question in advance via one of our support channels, and we will upload all calls inside the online portal within 48 hours for viewing.
  • How large is your group programs, because I have had an experience where I didn’t feel like it was intimate for me to get the support I needed?
    Because we do NOT accept everyone into our programs and we promise a premium service, our programs (including our group programs) are typically still smaller and intimate to ensure we can provide excellent service and support. Our goal is to ensure you never feel like just another number.
  • What if I like my current logo and branding material, do I have to use your branding services team?
    Because I like to keep it real with you, that’s a rare occurrence in which someone does not have to rebrand their look when working with us. The branding is included in the cost of the program whether you actually use it or not in your business, however, you will still schedule a consultation with one of our branding experts to ensure that we at minimum audit your current branding materials to ensure that you have the premium look. Some people have been able to keep their overall concepts and were able to just opt for a slight upgrade or revamp. We evaluate each case individually. However, we are asking that you have and keep an open mind during this process.
  • Is the curriculum full of information that I already know?
    I can assure you this, you may have heard or learned certain concepts throughout your journey in business ( I won’t lie about that) HOWEVER, where I differ is putting the strategy and implementing into the proper step by step for you. If you knew it all, you wouldn’t even be considering this program and you’d be exactly where you want to be attracting customers effortlessly every day. There’s A LOT you will more than likely not know especially when I put things into the proper perspective for you. I’ve never had anyone go through my curriculum and program and NOT learn a new way of processing and implementing information to transform their business in a way that they walk out in better shape than they came in.
  • Is the curriculum self-paced like a course?
    While there’s built in cushion into the program to implement things that may take a little longer depending on your unique situation and because we don’t take a cookie cutter approach, please understand, this is NOT a course. You will only get the level of support for 16 weeks, no exceptions, unless you apply for an extension (which is more money) It’s best if you stay dedicated and you come in READY to work (you won’t be accepted if you’re not ready to work and implement) because I won’t be there to guide you for forever. However, you will have one full year access to the curriculum and can always go back in that time to learn and try to implement and apply alone.
  • Why do you only give 1 year access and not lifetime access to the curriculum?
    You know I keep it totally real so I’ll say this, if I give you a lifetime, you may take a lifetime and not have the level of urgency you should to implement. Do not join if it’s NOT a good time to join in your life so that you don’t waste your hard-earned coin. Join when you know you are willing to dedicate the time, energy, and effort into your brands transformation or else you’ll be looking at me crazy like it’s my fault. Trust me, we want you to have access to the curriculum for longer, but we want you to do the work.
  • What If I fall behind on scheduling my 1 on 1 calls with you?
    It is your responsibility to schedule your calls and work with me to do the work. If you look up and 6 months has gone and you have not had all the calls you were allocated, that’s not on me, that’s on you. You will be given a direct calendar to book your bi-weekly calls. It’s best if you take a look at your calendar and book as many as you can for your six-month program in advance (at least 30 days at a time) and reschedule if needed to ensure that you stay on track.
  • Why do I have to go through an online curriculum if it’s one on one?
    This is to ensure we maximize our call times. If I have to stop and teach you every single concept and then try and coach you through it and implement it all on one call, we wouldn’t get very much done. Make time to go into the curriculum every week, learn the concepts and come prepared on the calls ready to get coaching and implement the strategies with my support. You most certainly have to do the work so that I can help you. This isn’t a done for you mentorship.
  • What are your Voxer Support outlines for one-on-one clients?
    You will be given my office hours for Voxer Support. My max response time is 24-48 hours. For instance, if you Voxer me on a weekend or after hours, I will NOT respond until the next business day. I do my best to respond much quicker but I do work on office hours and this is not a 24-hour service/support line.
  • Do I have to attend the expert masterclasses with the group if I don’t want to?
    No, expert masterclasses are an added benefit and an additional service. You can always catch the replay. It’s better to sign up live as you’ll be able to ask the experts direct questions and get automatic feedback. The classes are uploaded in your online portal within 48 hours after the class for your convenience to go back and watch.
  • Do I have additional access to you once I purchase a mini course or workshop?
    As these are self-paced courses and workshops, they do not include any access to me for additional help when purchased. Access to me is reserved for clients enrolled into my full programs.
  • Are there any refunds on your courses & workshops?
    Due to the digital nature of the products, there are no refunds that can be given on courses/workshops. However, if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, please email us at info@ceocharmschool.com and let us know as we’re always looking for ways to improve and elevate what’s available.
  • What is the transformation I can expect from a mini course/workshop with you?
    Workshops and mini courses are meant to solve one very specific problem. Please be advised that they don’t give you the whole picture but are perfect for people who need very specific transformation in one general area. If you need critical help, I’d recommend checking out my main programs as you will receive a much bigger transformation as you’re working closely with me and my team.
  • Do I have lifetime access to the mini courses/workshops?
    Yes, you do as long as it is still an active course. If it is retired for any reason, you will not have any further access to any updates etc. It’s best you get in and start applying and implementing the information as soon as you gain access.
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