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The Riches Are In The Niches

The 4-Part Workshop
It’s time to get crystal clear on who you’re targeting + get inside of their heads so that you know exactly how to attract them.
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Right now, I can just about guess that you…

Have an idea of who your overall target market is, but somehow you’re just not connecting with them.


You’ve narrowed down who you think they are.


What they like..


What books do they like to read…


And you have one too many “customer avatar profiles” to count..


You want to get clear on your target market and your specific niche and understand them on a deeper level so that you can tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.


It’s clear that all of the things you’ve tried just haven’t worked up until this point.

Now, just imagine if…

You knew precisely who the right people were in your target market and you could easily identify them.
Imagine getting inside their heads so that you’d know exactly what they want to hear from you in order to attract them..
You could learn to use buyer’s psychology and quickly identify the ready to buy and profitable section of your niche so that you aren’t  fighting tooth and nail to beg or convince the right people to buy..
Hearing your audience say.. they feel like you know them and they are happy you’re there to solve their problems.
Separating yourself easily from the competition in a saturated beauty industry and becoming the GO TO brand in your space.
Marketing becoming a breeze because you have true and crystal clear clarity as to who your people are..

This is exactly what you get inside of the 4 Part “Riches is in the Niches Workshop”

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Here’s what you’ll get instant access to in this 4 Part workshop:

Part 1: Current State Evaluation
Learn how to pull clues and better understand who is currently shopping with you and buying from you. You can’t start to clearly define the right people until you evaluate your current state.
Part 2: The defining Niche Framework
Learn how to begin defining who your dream customers are and start to define exactly who is the profitable and empowered ready to buy customers are within your niche.
Part 3: Market Research
Learn how to conduct the proper market research (including how to spy on them hehe) to gain Intel and insight inside the minds of your customers so that you can speak their language and ensure you solve their problems.



Part 4: Crafting the perfect Niche Statement Formula
Learn to make it super clear to your audience  and effectively communicate it to them with a simple statement so that they know in seconds if you’re the right brand for them and are immediately attracted to your brand over anyone else in the market.

But listen, I have some bonuses

for you if you get access today!

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Bonus #1: Competitor Analysis

 Learn how to properly, ethically, and effectively evaluate your competition and use it as leverage to differentiate yourself from anyone else in your space making you even more magnetic to your target audience.
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Bonus #2: Full-proof Survey Framework

Get my exclusive framework so that you can create an effective survey for your market research that will help you ask the right questions and pull the right information out of your audience so that you psychologically resonate with them in a way that pulls them in and sells

I'm Fatima Barnes

I help driven beauty brand owners change the DNA of their brands to elevate and position their business as a premium or luxe brand that consistently attracts ready to buy premium shoppers every day while utilizing strategies that allow them to gain more time and freedom doing more of the things they love.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped over 550+ business in over 30+ industries (including beauty) generate over 5.9 million dollars in additional revenue. I grew my own online beauty brand to six figures before deciding to walk away and help other dedicated business owners outside the corporate sector implement high level techniques to build brands that can rival and essentially eliminate their competition to stand out online.


I’m a wife, mom to a son, dog mom—HBCU college graduate who has been able to overcome all odds by playing big, taking risks, and creating & implementing high level business strategies for myself and the women I serve.

What they Said!


Get Instant Access to the “Riches in the Niches 4 Part Workshop Today”

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Total Value: $297

Todays Investment: $47


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